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And a week after ordering I have my pendant! It was a joy ordering from Trinketgeek!

Thank you!


Meedle: Can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome Serena was with sky battles? I mean, she didn’t care if she was in midair. She still called out Fennekin and had it use flamethrower from her back to take down the balloon. That’s not an easy thing to do. 


The pokemon shaming thing is literally my favorite thing, I love it so much. Here’s my contribution, because I realized my two favorites share a common bad habit.

Banette is not even sorry.


I decided to make a concept sketch of the evil Countess Lucario who I thought would fit perfectly as some sort of villain, and a wielder of a darker counterpart of Aegislash. uvu


Sassy fire bird is all like “you’re way out of my league, kid”.


leaving your room when people are over



               Pokémon 40 Day Challenge: Day 1   

Favorite regional bird → Staraptor


im lovin’ this pokeshaming thing so here’s leafeon being an asshole


This is the French Pokeball Vivillon a.k.a Prismillon
- Untouched
- Lv. 12
- Has all original moves it came with
- Timid Nature
- Classic Ribbon

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